13-Year-Old to Take Paternity Test

Last week, Chantelle Steadman, 15, gave birth to a daughter, Maisie, but one question remains: Who's the daddy? Steadman named baby-faced Alfie Patten, 13, as the father, but over the weekend Richard Goodsell, 16, and Tyler Barker, 14, told News of the World that they slept with Chantelle close to the time she became pregnant, and they claimed she had other sexual partners. Today, Patten's spokesman said he would take a DNA test to establish whether the baby is his. The case has prompted debate over teen pregnancy and the sexualization of children in the UK, while the East Sussex County Council said it will help the new parents work through "the impact of the huge amount of public interest there has been in this situation on both families." Baby Maisie is believed to be staying with her grandparents.