10 More Former Students Sue Ohio State Over Alleged Abuse by Dr. Strauss

Ten more Ohio State University students have filed a lawsuit against the school, alleging they were abused by Dr. Richard Strauss, who treated student-athletes. The Associated Press reports that the 10 former students involved accuse “school officials of facilitating abuse by ignoring complaints” and forcing them to see Strauss to keep their scholarships and spots on their teams. “Dr. Strauss preyed on male students, fondling, groping, sexually assaulting, and harassing them. He did so with OSU’s knowledge and support,” the lawsuit states. It also claims that some plaintiffs reported Strauss’ behavior to the school, and “nine former university employees knew about Strauss’ behavior.” This is the third federal lawsuit filed against the university, but seeks damages for the 10 particular individuals rather than the entire Ohio State student body. Strauss killed himself in 2005, and his university records show no official punishment for any alleged abuse. This comes after congressman Jim Jordan (R-OH) was accused of having knowledge of several abuse claims against the doctor when he was an assistant wrestling coach at the university.